A Fire Chief’s View of the WTC Collapse

Writes John Baeza:


I am sending this email to you on 9/11 with the hope you will post it to provide another view on why the WTC (and WTC7) collapsed on 9/11/01.  As libertarians we have often come across many so called “conspiracy theories” that have been proven true.  We also need to know that some will always be found to be false.  We must always strive to find the truth. I believe Chief Dunn has a made a very valuable contribution to the study of why the WTC collapsed. It would be a disservice to those seeking the truth not to provide his account.

For a learned response on why the World Trade Center collapsed I highly recommend the following article written by Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn, FDNY (ret.).

He is a recognized authority on building collapse and the author of many highly regarded firefighting texts including “The Collapse of Burning Buildings: A Guide to Fireground Safety, 2nd Edition” and ” Safety and Survival on the Fireground, 2nd Edition.”  For more other texts and DVDs by Chief Dunn please see his author page.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report should also be taken into account in our search for the truth on the collapses of the WTC and WTC7. See here.

For the the NIST report and other material related to their study (including their report) please see here.

For the report on WTC7 please see here.

Thank you for your time and keep up the great work!