Dolly Parton Gets the Jab and Calls Anyone Hesitant a ‘Coward’

Writes Ginny Garner:

Lew, As a fan of the uniquely talented Dolly Parton for many years. I was disappointed to see her mask up and get injected with the Moderna jab and call anyone who is hesitant to do the same a “coward” and “chicken squat.” She has shrewdly avoided politics during her career, not wanting to alienate any fans. Who knew she was so woke? I guess she’s too busy working hard as a successful businesswoman, songwriter, singer, musician, and performer, and keeping herself looking glamorous to have any time to research the serious safety concerns of this experimental gene-therapy mRNA drug. 

Dolly Parton gets Covid-19 vaccination, jokes she got a ‘dose of her own medicine’