Coordinated Fear Campaign

Writes Luis P. Almeida:


The global corporate media is waging a coordinated fear campaign against Brazil by claiming that the world’s “Lungs are on Fire.” Yet, NASA tells us that fires this dry season are average and not particularly bad. This hasn’t stopped evil Macron for making a Brazilian domestic issue a major topic for discussion at the upcoming G7 meeting. Macron has stated that “Our house is burning, literally.”

Well, fortunately for Brazil, Bolsonaro knows that Macron and others believe the Amazon belongs to them and is having none of it. He has told Merkel to concern herself with her own forests and is closely watching the NGOs that are driving this topic in the media.

Macron isn’t the first world leader to claim the Amazon does not belong to Brazil. Al Gore once said, “Contrary to what Brazilians think, the Amazon is not their property, it belongs to all of us,” Ha! The majority of Brazilians know what the globalists are up to and are not going to roll over. Thank God for Bolsonaro who has the courage and the intelligence to say: “You have to understand that the Amazon is Brazil’s, not yours,” Bolsonaro said on Friday. “If all this devastation you accuse us of doing was done in the past the Amazon would have stopped existing, it would be a big desert.”