Contact tracing

Writes Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

Like many of our “new normal” terms, contact tracing seems to have come suddenly out of nowhere to be uniformly repeated by all the media and all the “experts”. It’s enough to make you wonder if that whole idea didn’t predate the current “crises”. Of course any belief in that possibility would make me some kind of conspiracy nut. I also got thinking about the whole six-foot rule. That’s one of the things I keep asking people about. Why 6 feet? Other than “it’s a CDC guideline”, or whatever, where did it come from and what’s it based on? Anyway, with the weird way my mind works I started to wonder if the two ideas might be somehow related? I am not sure about the technical aspect of this but I wonder if the GPS accuracy of cell phone location is such that they can only tell if you are within approximately six feet of another phone? The conspiracy nut side of me wonders if the six-foot rule is necessary to make determining “contact” possible?