The CIA’s House Organ Is Cranking Up the Smear Machine

Writes Tom Woods:

The Washington Post just came out with another “libertarians are extremists, and a ‘pipeline’ to the alt Right” article.

It’s the usual b.s., with the usual summarizing of people’s 40-year careers in three quotations.

At one point, all the reporter has to do is summarize a Rothbard article. Here’s how well he does:

“Also in [Rothbard’s] program was a call for economic nationalism, under the ominous heading ‘America First.'”

Without even looking at the offending article, I knew right away this was a lie. Rothbard never advocated anything like “economic nationalism.”

Of course I was right. What Rothbard said was:

“The American economy is not only in recession; it is stagnating. The average family is worse off now than it was two decades ago. Come home America. Stop supporting bums abroad. Stop all foreign aid, which is aid to banksters and their bonds and their export industries. Stop gloabaloney, and let’s solve our problems at home.”

That’s economic nationalism? Calling for an end to foreign aid?

No, that’s libertarianism.

Incidentally, what’s so “ominous” about “America First”? Would America Twelfth have been less triggering? Or America Thirty-Eighth?

The article proceeds from the standard media/politics/establishment starting point: saying insensitive things is worse than waging an unjust war.

So John McCain carries on as a respected statesman, while libertarian icons are to be smeared and defamed — even though there would be a lot more innocent people alive today if we’d listened to them.

There’s something weird about that. Really, really weird.

Madeleine Albright and Bill Richardson can openly say that the deaths of half a million children were “worth it” to carry out sanctions on the Iraqi regime, and nobody thinks their careers should be over.

The “racists” don’t want to bomb anyone, but people we are supposed to believe are cosmopolitan believers in the brotherhood of man are prepared to rain down death on the basis of lies that would insult a second grader.

Something is screwy here.

So no, I don’t buy the media’s posture of moral superiority. They’re deeply concerned about violence and atrocities against minorities, yet barely a peep out of them regarding the expulsion of Christian populations in the Middle East, the cleansing of the Serbs in Kosovo under NATO auspices, or the expulsion of millions of Germans from eastern Europe after World War II, in what even a left-liberal historian calls “by any measure one of the most significant occurrences of the mass violation of human rights in recent history.”

I’ve already addressed this alleged “pipeline,” but someone in my private Facebook group summed up my own experience: “I’ve met several former Ron Paul supporters who went on to support Bernie. I’ve met exactly one that jumped on the Trump train and I wouldn’t even call him an alt-righter. He doesn’t care about race at all. He’s just against the pervasive leftist culture.”

There’s no there there, but the CIA’s house organ, which can be counted on to supply whatever propaganda the empire needs, sure is determined to find one.