Writes Billy Walsh:

Mr. Lew,

A belated thank you for being a rare voice against the demonization of China. Yours is a position that badly needs to be heard, particularly on the right these days, since so many on that side of the clubhouse want to blame China for every ant at every picnic. It’s a great disappointment that Tucker Carlson–who has bravely challenged our endless adventure wars in the Middle East and often by extension, our militarized foreign policy–has become the John Bolton of the Pacific as a dedicated Sinophobe.  I would encourage him to consider, that as with individual human beings, nations are complicated constructs, possessed of worthy and civilized qualities, and of flawed and cruel failings. To paraphrase our own politicians who love to crow about who we aren’t (which is usually anyone with the temerity to disagree with them), THAT, is who we are as a genus–all of us (not just us, as the left would have it, or “excepting” us, as would the Neocon right)–and our moral and spiritual betterment has always begun in recognizing that.

It’s long been my view that the greatest existential threat we face in this world is our own arrogant foreign policy. So thank you, as ever, for your long work trying to right that reckless course.