California Craziness

Writes a friend


For those of your readers who do not live in California but are hearing about the “high winds” causing the local officials to shut down power to “hundreds of thousands” (actually millions) of people I’d like to provide a first hand look at the situation.  Our house has been without power now for 2 + days.  I drive 30 miles every day from the foothills to my office in Sacramento.  The only substantial winds that I have encountered have been in the Sacramento area where there is no shutdown.  A quote from the California Public Utilities Commission: “Wildfires are more destructive and deadlier than in the past, and the threat of wildfires is more prevalent throughout the state and calendar year. The overall pattern shows the emerging effects of climate change in our daily lives.”  Their mindset is faux climate change while the reality is that public agencies vigorously protect trees and brush land from being thinned or cleared which is the real cause of the destructive fires in our area in the past few years.  So they inconvenience millions while doing little to actually protect those millions they are empowered to protect.