Butler Shaffer, RIP

Writes Jean Carbonneau:

Hello Mr. Rockwell:

I’m glad to share 2 things in common with you.  The love of the Boston Red Sox(even with the trade of Mookie Betts) and our admiration for the late great Butler Shafer.

I had the honor to meet Prof Shafer back in 2005 at the Freedom Summit in Manchester NH, which is put on by Ernie Hancock, and Mark J. Victor.  Although it was just for a weekend, and there were so many wonderful speakers(Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, and even the late Nathaniel Branden were speakers as well as Prof. Shafer), I spent some great quality moments with Prof. Shafer, and it wasn’t til recently I remember some of them.

I think the best moment was when I asked him “Prof. Shafer, I am taking you as being as anarchist, so why do you teach law at a public institution?”  His reply was, “Well there has to be a doctor to cure the cancer.”  I nearly fell off the chair.  I thought that was so funny, and he laughed along with me.  This further compliments what others have written about him with a wonderful sense of humor.

But, he also spoke of his family, and how truly that was so important to him.  I have often wondered if the world was more like Butler Shafer.  There would be peace,prosperity, and mostly importantly, FREEDOM.  Thanks for letting me give my brief encounter with one of the true giants of freedom.