Bumping up against the walls of accepted debate

Writes Wes Baker:


An acquaintance passed along a Joe Rogan podcast with Lawrence Lessig, a Law Professor at Hawwvaard.  Apparently this professor gained some notoriety in a Tedtalk about undemocratic ‘money in politics’.

Lessig’s answer?  The system can fix itself.  It’ll be tough, but we can do it.  (Granted, he has some good instincts.  Particularly about Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich, gerrymandering, etc.)

Thus the title of my correspondence:  bumping up against the walls of accepted debate.  Were Prof. Lessig to suggest the Washington Empire is inherently corrupt – to the core – and stands about as much chance of fixing itself as a dead man digging himself out of his grave…. Or, as Dr. Paul has said for years, the only civilized way to draw down the Empire is political devolution, Lessig would be run out of Boston.

Whenever I encounter these Ivory Tower/pundit auto-regeneration types, I always look to see what they’re selling.  A book, a subscription, a newsletter or just narcissistic notoriety…. They are simply peddling a political miracle mythos.  D.C. is going to turn water into wine….

No reasonable, thinking men could posit such a fantasy.

Merry Christmas.