Billionaires Will Let Government Seize…

Writes Mike Holmes:

their luxury homes and Gulfstream Jets and “the confiscatee will shrug and accept it,” claims a creepy former PBS radio star. “Billionaires are susceptible to beautiful women” former Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor says on his website.

While President Trump has reportedly said that the reverse is true, that women are susceptible to billionaires, Keillor argues that AOC’s “enormous smile” is all that’s needed. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos, who’s dumping his wife and children’s mother for his mistress, would eagerly agree to become mere millionaires due to the charms of Evita-from-the-Bronx. Why, men will sell their souls for the attention of a pretty girl. 76-year-old Keillor seems smitten by 29-year-old Sandy from Westchester, whose “Green New Deal” reads like high school version of a Soviet 5 Year Plan.

Keillor himself was summarily fired in 2017 by PBS with his own #MeToo reckoning moment after “dozens” of allegations of Keillor’s “sexually inappropriate incidents” and “unwanted touching” of Prairie Home Companion female staffers. Sex obsessed Keillor did not cite any actual billionaires as evidence for his remarkable theory.