Balloon education

Writes Gary Barnett:

Hi Lew,

I hate to bother you during this time of insanity, but I wanted to say something about why Americans have no ability to function properly, think for themselves, or question their own imprisonment. It is in large part due to government schooling and indoctrination. It is also due to what these worthless government institutions do to stifle all intelligent thought of the young by relentlessly dumbing them down.

Our local schools are giving out homework due to all schools being closed. (As an aside, closing schools from the standpoint of protecting children from idiocy, is a very good thing.) Included for 10 year olds as a major part of these braindead assignments is the PE requirement. It is blowing up balloons and juggling them at home. So in this time of martial law, no worries about keeping the children ignorant of anything of value. The only cure is for parents to educate their own children, if in fact they have any capability to do so while forcing their half-grown kids to blow up balloons, as most attended public schools themselves.


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