As the war drums rally the (would-be & wanna-be) killers while scaring everyone else…

Writes Jim Lloyd:

Hi Lew,

I like music when I work and usually listen to UnderCurrents [NativeVoice1] in the morning, switch to KEXP [Seattle] around lunch, and then Laura Shine’s show of WFPK before dinner.  Despite the leftist bent of these stations [especially UC & KEXP], the music is better than most and certainly better than what I get from broadcast in this area.

With the DemoDunces now transitioning from ‘Trump the Russian sock-puppet’ to ‘Trump the mad-bomber’, John Richards closed KEXP’s morning show with 99 Luft Balloons from the 80s, and as a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, I got a bit weepy.

If you don’t recall, the song starts with the innocent act of a child and ends with the destruction of the world as ThePowersThatBe lose their stuff entirely and bring about the end of the world.

If I were one to pray, I would ask that more people wake up to the madness of imperialism and abandon the partisan pandering, egoistic exemptions of exclusive inclusivity, and self-righteousness rationalizations the State relies on and starts investing in BS flags to throw every time some politico or pundit opens her or his mouth.