A visit to the Rock & Roll Hall ofFame

Writes Ginny Garner:


I just got back from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland. I enjoyed listening to the music, seeing the instruments, costumes, videos, handwritten lyrics, reading the historical accounts of my favorite artists . For those thinking of going, be prepared for the full woke Covid experience. Signs say masks are required. When you check in, your temperature is checked. The check-in guy ordered me to put the mask up over my nose. I told him I have asthma. He sternly glared at me. “I guess you don’t care about my health, do you?” A dead stare. Next I went downstairs to start the tour. The woman there reminded everyone to make sure their masks were on correctly and covering their noses. I mentioned I had asthma. at least she had some  empathy and said she was sorry I was forced to wear one. I spoke with her and told her I was sorry she had to wear the mask all day long while she works. She said she didn’t believe the virus is a threat, but she is required to wear one and to remind everyone else about their masks and she needs the job. At the screening of a compilation of inductee performances, the woman introducing the video seated everyone according to social distancing rules and reminded everyone to make sure their masks were covering their noses. At lunch, the register clerks told me cash was not accepted. Why I asked, knowing the answer. The two clerks said they didn’t know, but that is what their manager told them to do. I explained the agenda toward a cashless society. They told me to place my credit card in the chip reading machine. I said, “At least the chip is on the card and not inside us. Do you know about the agenda?” I explained it to them briefly. They both looked at me with blank looks, no response. I wonder if they were on drugs. All over the floor of the museum are signs reminding customers to stay six feet apart. Checking out at the gift shop, I told the clerk I enjoyed the museum but the experience was overshadowed by the Covid rules. I told him there is an agenda. “You think so?” he asked. I asked him to check out the World Economic Forums Covid platform to see how their Great Reset will impact and control every aspect of the lives of everyone on the planet. “Have a good evening,” he said. My guess is the museum will require the showing of an Immune ID showing you have gotten the genetically modifying “vaccine” next year.

Ginny Garner