A Thanksgiving Suggestion

Writes the Rev. Charles H Roberts to Tom DiLorenzo and me:


I think you might find this as sickening as I did…..

While listening to the Fox Business Channel via XM radio, the program host, Stuart Varney was apparently having a chat with a guest (didn’t get the name) about maintaining the “religious” side of Thanksgiving.

Varney piously opined that he and his family, after enjoying their big meal, will pile into their SUV’s and drive through the New Jersey countryside to, presumably appreciate God’s creation….that, he said with pride, was how they did it.

BUT, the guest had an even “better” suggestion….he said that in addition to that, while they were still at the table, he could read to his family….wait for it……Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation!

(he didn’t specify which one)

That, he said, would be very appropriate. Indeed, it would.

PS: Wishing you both a blessed, Lincoln/State free Thanksgiving.