A stunning must-see documentary on the Georgia guidestones

Thanks, Martin Hill. 

Lew, this film ‘Dark Clouds over Elberton’ is a documentary from around 2010 on the Georgia guidestones. Although it seems a bit amateurish in production value at first, this is actually one of the best, most astonishing, well done documentary investigations I’ve ever seen. It’s 2 hours long but compelling from start to finish. The producer interviews many of the  people involved,  including the banker (now a very old man) who knew the real identity of the man who built it. Many of the old men interviewed  inadvertently admit repeatedly that “everyone involved in this project are masons.” The evidence is 100% convincing (in my opinion) that the producers identify the man responsible for this project. I was dumbstruck at the end of it kept saying “WOW, I just can’t believe it.” After he paid for and built the monument in 1980, the owner sent a self-published book to all members of congress in 1986, under the pseudonym ‘RC Christian.’ In it he expands on his obsession with population control,  forced on humanity at the hands of government. A very worthwhile film to see.