A small observation on the Corona spread

Writes Bo Andersen:

Hi Lew,

Just made some small calculations and applied common sense.

Interesting. Official numbers says that only 0.50% of the US population has been infected with Corona (which goes along with other countries that has determined between 0.5 an 1% has been infected). That means that 0.0003% of the US population has died WITH the Corona (not the cause necessarily). However, of those infected 5.9% died WITH Corona. Of course, I know the NON-essential politicians will say that their complete lockdown was successful. They probably want to extend it to prevent more from getting infected. My conclusion is that this is not anywhere near as dangerous as it was painted to be. Common sense!!!  (I’m not saying it won’t be bad if you get sick from it. But from the pov of the society there was no need for the lockdowns and all the dictatorship).