You’re Fired. (Not)

I took a buyout from my former employer, Loyola University Maryland, and retired from there in July of 2020.  Apparently, no one informed Human Resources of this.  I got a phone message from them yesterday informing me that the time to prove to them that I have been injected with the experimental, gene-altering, heart attack and blood clot-causing, “transhumanism” drug has passed.  I was then threatened with “disciplinary action” including “termination.”  Ha!

There are Catholic high schools in Baltimore that won’t accept students with tattoos because they believe that Catholicism forbids the desecration of your body in that way.  Loyola University, on the other hand, demands that everyone desecrates his body with the Biden shot or else.   Loyola University Maryland long ago abandoned Catholicism in favor of what they call “Catholic social teaching,” which is essentially their euphemism for cultural Marxism.  That’s why, as a former student (class of 2006) informed me in an email last week, they celebrate the well-known organization that advocates the destruction of the traditional, nuclear family, organizes riots, arson and looting, and boasts of being “trained Marxists” with giant Black Lives Matter banners on the quad in the middle of the campus.

Some years ago the BB&T Foundation offered to send me enough copies of Ayn Rand’s famous novel Atlas Shrugged to hand out to every undergraduate business student.  The university administration told me that I was not allowed to accept the gift because Ayn Rand was an atheist and that would be against Catholic social teaching.  I responded with an email to the dean at the time asking him if: 1) That means that the writings of Karl Marx, another famous atheist, would no longer be permitted on campus; and 2) If they intended on doing a survey of the religious views, if any, of all the textbook authors whose books are used in Loyola classrooms.  I got no response, just a repeat of their dictatorial demand.

UPDATE:  Chris Condon writes to remind me that both Fidel Castro and Anthony Fauci were “educated” by Jesuits.


7:18 am on September 16, 2021