• You Knew It Was Coming

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    The New York Times, house organ of New York City’s government (regardless of whose administration currently lords it over the serfs), hints ever so gently that Our Rulers should have absolute power to make mandatory evacuations, um, mandatory. It seems the City ordered 375,000 people to leave their homes before Hurricane Sandy hit a few weeks ago; many refused, no doubt with visions of New Orleans’ Superdome and New York’s own horrific “shelters” burning in their brains. Eight of these dissidents — .0021% — drowned in their homes on Staten Island. Yes, that’s tragic — but far more tragic is the Times’ exploitation of these deaths to hand its political cronies more power.

    Why is it that statists hyperventilate over any sort of risk, but they never bat an eye at slavery?

    Meanwhile, catch the utterly solipsistic, egomaniacal, meddlesome handwringing from Our Rulers: “'[The fatalities weigh] heavily on me,’ [Councilman James] Oddo said. ‘It means to a certain degree that we in government failed.’” Oh, for pity’s sake. Maybe it means a man decided to remain in his home, James. Maybe there are more important things than mere survival, such as dignity, self-respect, self-reliance, and determining one’s own fate without interference from a bunch of prissy politicians. Live free or die, you bozo.


    7:38 pm on November 11, 2012