Yo, Masked Morons: The WHO Admits It’s Playing You

According to the WHO in February of this year, well before most nations even began locking down due to the coronavirus, they met at Facebook’s headquarters “about how to promote accurate health information about COVID-19.”

The WHO says it is “working with more than 50 digital companies and social media platforms,” which include Google, TikTok, and YouTube, “to ensure that science-based health messages from the organization or other official sources appear first when people search for information related to COVID-19.”

Notice the lack of concern with truth and the obsession with promoting an agenda.

Meanwhile, WHO

… is working with an analytics company to engage in “social listening” as it monitors millions of people’s social media accounts to combat “coronavirus misinformation.”

According to an August 25 WHO news post titled “Immunizing the public against misinformation,” the WHO, which is the health arm of the United Nations, claims there is “an overabundance of information and the rapid spread of misleading or fabricated news, images, and videos” regarding the coronavirus. … “We’re not just battling the virus,” WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was quoted as saying in the news release. “We’re also battling the trolls and conspiracy theorists that push misinformation and undermine the outbreak response.”

Whew! I guess we can rest easy on the CDC and its fake number of fatalities from COVID-Con: the WHO is on it. 

Or do I mean it’s in on it?


12:22 pm on September 2, 2020