Yikes! They’re Starting to Take Dr. Emanuel’s Advice!

Well, the State-stenographers are already beginning to discuss the idea of selective treatment for Ebola patients. Last night on the CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley interviewed his chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook, a gastroenterologist. Pelley said that several hospital administrators told him that “if they had a critically ill Ebola patient, they might withhold heroic, life-saving measures in order to protect their own staff.” First of all, who the hell are these “administrators”? I can see how medical bureaucrats do not seem to understand that physicians and other medical staff are trained to treat seriously ill and contagious patients, and are supposed to understand the risks involved in being around diseased people, even with something as serious as Ebola. If they aren’t willing to accept those risks, then they probably should not be in that line of work, period.

But thanks to the decline in ethics these days, now they’re saying that they will withhold treatment altogether because of the risks involved. The “doctor” on stage, Dr. LaSpook, I mean, LaPook, then responded to Pelley’s points by saying that medical ethicists are now discussing whether or not to administer dialysis on such patients, discussing “end of life” issues, etc. Hmmm. Even without reference to ObamaCare they are talking “death panels,” and so on. So, for all you diehard sheeple out there, you might want to reconsider making fun of those who have referred to “death panels.” And these will not be families discussing “end of life issues” with their sick loved ones — no, these will be government doctors, because with Amerika’s own version of SovietCare, all doctors (except for the underground, i.e. ethical ones) will be government doctors.

The current Rulers’ views on “end of life” discussions can be seen in former Obama Special Advisor for Health Policy, Ezekiel Emanuel, who believes in “allocating and rationing” of medical care. But these guys want the government to be in full control of the goods and services being “allocated and rationed.” (Yeah, that sure worked out in the Soviet Union, don’t you know!) And former Obama Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Donald Berwick also believes in government-rationing of health care services. Most LaSpooky of them all, the current Obama “Science Czar,” John Holdren, who believes that trees should have the same legal rights as humans, and who believes that a born baby will “ultimately develop into a human being,” had written a book endorsing various government-imposed measures for population control. Yes, these are our Rulers, folks.

Now, I’m sure the diehard sheeple out there will not think it too absurd that such government doctors at these government-funded medical facilities might actually base their imposed “end of life” decisions on a patient’s age, disability, or usefulness to the community as Dr. Emanuel has proposed. But we are talking about government doctors and bureaucrats but I repeat myself. Members of the political class, in other words. And the political class is an entirely State apparatus, in which those who believe in independence, who dissent from the Regime are to be weeded out. We’re seeing this every day now in the news, from Obama’s tyrannical IRS, his war on the Press and whistleblowers, and the intolerance from MSM propagandists, etc. So with Ebola, just which patients who are in need of treatment will be saved by government doctors? Tea Party conservatives? Gun owners? Homeschoolers? (Yeah, right.)


8:42 am on October 18, 2014