Yes, Jack Loves Them

I’ve gotten some racist hate email over my criticisms of Trump. It appears I love “brown people” and Muslims more than “Americans”. News flash: Many Americans ARE those groups. But you know what? Yes, I do love them. I love them because they’re human beings and that is what Jesus asks me to do. And it really isn’t that hard, either. Because it takes a lot more energy to hate. And in case anyone wondered, no, I’m not 100% “white” (whatever that is.) And, yes, half my family were immigrants. The other half were ALREADY HERE when the Europeans arrived and dang near starved to death the first year.

See, I don’t need to be attached to a skin pigment to find some kind of value in who I am. That goes for everyone of all colors because there’s racists of every color. But to those who accuse me of loving brown people and Muslims, I say GUILTY AS CHARGED. Yes, I do love them. Because I follow a HIGHER AUTHORITY than skin pigment.








4:00 pm on February 11, 2017