Sang Mun is a graphic designer and former NSA contractor who altered four type-fonts to help protect our privacy: “‘The challenge[,’ he says, ‘] was to make the OCR legible typeface illegible to computer vision, while keeping it readable to the human eye. Each font uses a different optical trick to make them difficult to scan: ‘Camo’ adds camouflage-like patterns over letters, ‘Noise’ overlays the letters with dots, ‘Xed’ puts a neat X across each character, and ‘False’ uses a small letter beneath a larger ‘false’ one.”

Opinion is divided on whether these will actually foil the NSA. But better than his invention are Sang Mun’s thoughts on his former employer: “Intercepting and storing world citizens’ words and thoughts is simply a vulgar intrusion on our daily lives…”



11:32 am on September 30, 2013