WWIII’s Multiple Theaters of the Absurd

For a few weeks this summer, the Jab Battle threatened to supplant the Mask War. But no longer. Like the embattled—and losing—Nazis in 1944, Our Rulers assail on many fronts.

That makes our resistance more essential than ever, not only to the Jab but to diapering our faces. The more the Marxists try to corral us into collectives, the more we must dissent while proclaiming our individuality. No politician or law will restore our liberty. Living free requires each of us to fight these totalitarians with every weapon and in every way we can.

Herewith, reports from around the country as your fellow Patriots combat the enemy.

Mr. Anonymous relates from Ohio,

While visiting an OSUWMC [Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center] lab today for routine blood work, I noticed another patient in the waiting room. He looked @65 (younger than I) and clearly not healthy. His routine movements were feeble and laborious. The worst thing was the mask on his face. He clearly could not get sufficient oxygen with standard wearing protocol. He was visibly distressed. Once, when he pulled it down to get a few unimpeded breaths, a gowned nazi badgered him to pull it up. He left the waiting room for a corridor to escape the harassment and to breathe freely. When he reentered the waiting room, he pulled the mask up only long enough to take a seat that was turned away from the nazi. He then pulled it down.

I cannot adequately express everything I felt while watching this disgusting display of medical tyranny and cruelty.

Tyranny and cruelty always go hand-in-hand. How, then, to explain the Masked Morons’ devotion to despotism?—unless they’re truly evil people.

TimmyTaes in California complains

Masks are required indoors in all San Francisco Bay Area counties again. It’s depressing. … Damned clerk gave me a mask at the store. Said I had to wear it or leave. Well, I had to buy food so I put the stupid thing on below my nose.  I gave the store clerk my opinion on masks. He just shrugged his shoulders and said, “The mandate came out Tuesday for every county in the Bay Area.” The clerk is a good German. …

Everyone I met was in a funky mood. Probably the smoke [from wildfires] and mask wearing is causing people to be unhappy, except for the germaphobes who love mask mandates. I suppose the bureaucrats and elites will instigate vaccine passports next (but not for them of course.) I think our flying days are over. But not for the elites. They have their own airplanes.

I’m growing a beard so that the masks don’t cut off my oxygen flow. I’m growing my hair long so I look like a crazy old coot who might do just about anything. I’m learning to stutter my words and ask stupid questions as I imitate the mentally challenged. Old age has its benefits. …

The kids are going back to school in the SF Bay Area wearing masks, but the teachers still don’t feel safe. The Teachers Union wants all the kids vaccinated against Covid. Oh, the little dears could be deadly! Well, send your kid to a government school/prison, what do you expect?

Keep it up, Teachers’ Unions: you’re recruiting legions of families to home-schooling!

Dianne in Colorado

went to the store and … saw a lady with mask, shield, gloves and covering over clothes. Really, just stay home.

Wanna bet she constantly fiddled with her diaper, contaminating everything she touched? And so I echo Dianne: “Really, just stay home.”

Jack the trucker was

in Lowell, AR getting loaded with some frozen food to take to Elkton, MD.  Here in the N.W. corner of AR, no one is wearing masks.  When I get to Elkton in the N.E. corner of MD on the NJ border, I have a feeling everyone will be wearing masks!  So far, these past two weeks, I’ve only been to SC, TN, GA, AL, MS, MO, and the very southern tip of IL.  I’ve not seen any masks in these places.  I think what’s his name, you know the thing…dude occupying the white house set a mask mandate via the CDC  a couple of weeks ago, but so far, no one is paying any attention to it!  Thank GOD!

May they ignore that thing…dude on all else as well!

I’ll be curious how the whole mask mandate thing works out in the coming weeks.  I hope all parents take their kids out of public schools, and enroll them in private schools, just like the resigning teacher at that school board meeting implored.  I’m amazed at this point, that there are still some totally indoctrinated parents calling for all parents to put masks on their children!  The mainstream media sure is blitzing the air waves screaming about how hospitals are filling up with kids with the china virus.  I find it hard to believe!  Imagine that, not believing the main stream media?!  I love how the media still won’t admit that the CDC’s stats on last year’s numbers still do not have a break down on how many people had the ‘seasonal flu’ and either survived it, or died of it, but whose numbers were rolled into the china virus category.

Mark Seiler laments that

Mecklenburg County (Charlotte, NC) is re-instituting a mask mandate. This time, however, they want fines in the hundreds of dollars for Refusniks and have it cover the municipalities in the county as well. The mayors are objecting. But, despite the many hurdles to impose the fines and the political push-back, the health dictator…oops…director, is pushing ahead.

This was being discussed on the afternoon drive talkshow on WBT’s Brett Winterble show. Brett fashions himself a conservative since he worked on Rush Limbaugh’s show for a few years. A caller, that I inferred with late 20’s, early 30’s, said he’d had enough and wasn’t going to comply. He went so far as to say he was willing to have them make an example of him. Brett asked if he had a family and kids. The man replied he was married but no kids yet. Winterble told him that if he was responsible for others that he should not risk losing his employment over this.

Apparently, Winterble hasn’t heard about the labor shortage that eases finding a new job.

I wanted to puke. This “conservative” host, apparently, has never heard the declaration, “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

So much for principles.

And for liberty. Mutually pledging our lives and fortunes encompasses our work, I’d say.

A gentleman in Louisiana shares some good news.

Louisiana anti-mask protesters interrupted school boards at the state and local level this past week.

And a reader in Massachusetts observes,

Here in Covid Valley, a few masks started slipping but fortunately the delta variant came along so now we’re masked up tight just the way we like it.

And now with only our suspicious eyes to peek over our masked horizon, we can continue to be wary and mistrustful of each other just the way we like it.

And if anyone should threaten to restore our freedom, we’ll fight them tooth and nail.

We’re Fauci’s maskots and proud of it!

Now I want to puke.

Not everyone is over the top about masks but when people get accused of being selfish and unconcerned with others’ well-being (“my mask protects you from me, your mask protects me from you,”) they fold because people have reputations and no one, except an eccentric, wants to be shamed as being selfish and unconcerned with others. For their families’ sake if not their own.

What folks tend not to see is the mask, with its mistrust and facial isolation, being the symbol of mistrust and isolation going on at the personal/psychological level and our consent to be ruled by fear and mutual suspicion.

Meanwhile, a Texan visiting family in Brooklyn, New York, notes,

Sooo many people are not wearing masks when outside or at the park.

My kid’s Nanny … said “so many are just done with mask wearing and feeling choked.”

So while inside every facility, face diaper on; outside, they are stripping them off for the most part.

Monnie Matthews in Washington State warns that

Hundreds of health care workers in my area are about to lose their jobs because they won’t get the jab. Hospitals which are already short-staffed are about to experience severe service breakdown.

At a rally yesterday I talked to an aware 30-something woman who is awaiting a decision from her hospital HR Dept. on her exemption request. She told her inquisitor that she felt like a Christian being asked by a Taliban thug about her religious beliefs, knowing that if she answered in the affirmative she’d be killed.

I’m seeing more mask refusers than at any time since this madness began, and more businesses not harassing unmasked customers (although they still require their employees to mask up).

Chaz Donovan has

wrapped up my two weeks back in [a college in Ohio]. At the beginning of August, my school was not requiring masks anywhere for anybody…except the unjabbed, such as your present correspondent. That changed with the onset of the “Delta variant” hysteria.

“Delta” is one handy variant—so handy that someone would have had to invent it if it hadn’t appeared.

There is now an indoor mask mandate. Outside, there are more people breathing than there are wearing masks. It’s truly heart-warming. I’d put it at 75% are maskless outside. Inside, compliance varies depending on the building. Inside the cafeteria, for example, only about 50% of people wear masks. I expected it to be much higher. Inside buildings that have classes, 95% of people are wearing them BEFORE they go into the classroom. Yours truly is wearing a mask in the classroom, but I like to show defiance by not putting it on until I am at the door of a class. I want them to know I am only doing this because I have to.

As far as enforcement, I’ve only had two people say anything to me, both faculty members. Each asked if I had a mask. These two occasions happened inside buildings that have classrooms. No one has said a word to me in the cafeteria. One of my professors openly detests the dehumanizing aspect of masking, to her credit. She also has not said anything to me about hanging my mask below my nose. God bless her I did hear one laughable and insane thing though. According to one of my professors, if a student walks into a classroom without a mask, the professor must immediately cancel the class. Additionally, the student is to be reported to the dean for discipline.

… my school did just announce a vaccine mandate. Starting October 15th, those who have not been jabbed will be tested once a week. If you haven’t been jabbed by the start of the Spring semester, you’re booted out of the school. I won’t go down without a fight, but it’s looking like it’ll be my last semester here. Heartbreaking.

For that, Chaz blames Ohio’s gubernatorial goofball,

Mike DeWhack! Arizona and other states have banned public universities from mandating the vaccine. Pfizer stock holder DeWine did not. The pathetic Ohio legislature didn’t even put a bill on his desk. They’re largely bought by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Finally, Lynda Delutee

actually met an older woman at Walmart here outside Lexington KY that wasn’t wearing a mask and started talking about Lin Wood and her beliefs regarding the covid pandemic. Turned out we have been reading and following America’s Frontline doctors and all the other unhumans that don’t believe in the government, media propaganda and their gene therapy.  We actually hugged each other in the checkout line!!!! It is a gift from God in my opinion to physically meet someone who hasn’t lost both their mind and ethics over this last year.

May the Lord add millions more to those ranks!


9:53 am on September 14, 2021