How the World was Saved from Sin

On this day a very long time ago a baby was about to be born who would grow to save the world from sin.  His parents, of modest means, were traveling and so he was born in what would today be thought of as a log cabin.  Contemporary American writers like the late Harry Jaffa and his cult following would use the preface “Father” before his name, and claim that his rhetoric was “the words of God.”  I speak of course of Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is celebrated tomorrow.

(When I debated Jaffa at the Independent Institute years ago one of the ringers he brought along to ask him “home run pitch” questions during the Q&

A asked him if he thought Lincoln’s speeches were the words of God, and he replied “yes.” Message to the audience:  DiLorenzo is on the side of the Devil; the Lincoln-worshipping, “Straussian” neocon warmongers like Jaffa, Larry Arnn, and the rest are on God’s team.  How advantageous it must have been to have known what is in the mind of God).


8:51 am on February 11, 2018