Women in White and Socialist Pressures

Democratic women in Congress wore white to Trump’s State of the Union address. They expressed their political solidarity and their link to the suffragette movement in this way. They form a sect with a particular agenda, and they will use their power to impose it on everyone if they can.

The first step was for women to gain the vote, and that happened before most of us were born, in the 1870-1940 era. More women voting means more socialism and significantly bigger government taxation and spending. Lott and Kenny showed this relation in their 1999 paper titled “How Dramatically Did Women’s Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government?”

Let’s suggest an update to their study, one that hasn’t been done yet. After gaining the vote, women elected more of their own sex to Congress; and the number of Democrats among them became predominant over the Republicans. The data show this.

The total number of women in Congress typically was less than 20 up until 1981. Thereafter, the number grows remarkably to its present value of 127. Prior to 1971, there are about equal numbers of Democratic and Republican women in Congress. For about 10 years (1971-1981), the Democrats take a big lead. The lead disappears from 1981 to 1989. After 1991, Democratic women in Congress greatly outnumber Republican women. There are currently 106 Democratic women and 21 Republican women in Congress.

Who is voting for these women Democrats? That question begs for research. Who is promoting women candidates? Whoever they are, more women in Congress means more socialism, judging from what occurred as a result of women getting the vote. That government expansion didn’t require women in office; representatives were mainly male and they responded to the female agenda in order to get elected. Today’s situation has Congress peopled with far more women and far more women Democrats. We can expect more advocacy of socialism, more tolerance of socialism and more socialism itself as a consequence. The election of a female Democrat to the presidency will, following these relations and ceteris paribus, be expected to shift the country even further into socialist policies.


8:45 am on February 7, 2019