Willard Mitt Romney

Before he’s named Secretary of State (or anything else), let’s dredge up a few more choice policy morsels from 2012 presidential candidacy of Willard Mitt Romney:

  • Romney revealed himself to be a complete tool of the military industrial complex, eager to “apply the full spectrum of hard and soft power to influence events.” To that end he proposed spending more on the Pentagon and adding 100,000 more people in uniform.
  • Romney repeatedly called for a new “American century,” an especially chilling formulation since his war cabinet included eight signatories of the Project for the New American Century, the bizarre group whose manifesto called for the invasion of Iraq long before 9/11/2001.
  • Pushing for “more assertive steps” in Syria, Romney proposed increasing military training and assistance with Central Asian states, while he wanted to “station multiple carriers and warships at Iran’s door.”
  • Romney ceaselessly rearranged his taxonomy of threats, bouncing quickly from one to another. He identified Russia as “without question our number-one geopolitical foe”; jihadists are “this century’s nightmare”; North Korea was a “clear and growing threat” to the United States; the Iranian leadership was “the biggest immediate threat”; China threatened Romney’s “American century.”


Willard would be one busybody Secretary of State! Better for us if he just stays home and enjoys the magnificent views from La Jolla.

Not that Romney is any worse than the other figures on the Trump foreign policy short list. If it is true that “personnel is policy,” the prospect for a needless war of principals or proxies with Russia may have survived Hillary’s defeat.


6:03 pm on November 22, 2016