Will Ukraine be Eurocratized?

The IMF loan to Ukraine is eurocratization of Ukraine without Ukraine’s having signed the Association Agreement with the EU that president Yanukovych decided not to sign. It was his decision not to sign that led to Maidan and the struggles over the future of Ukraine.

The EU has been expanding and NATO along with it as part of the process of eurocratizing all of Europe. If Yanukovych had signed the Association Agreement with the EU, it meant merging with the EU and at some point joining NATO. Economically, financially and politically, it meant giving eurocrats and eurocrat rules a high degree of control (or sovereignty if you will) over Ukraine’s fiscal, trade, financial and monetary policies for a long time to come.

The current European (and U.S.) policies on Ukraine and Russia (and the accompanying propaganda campaign that’s in full swing) are all aimed at eurocratizing Ukraine, that is, bringing it under control of the EU’s systems, which cover all sorts of matters from the environment to energy policies to tariffs to voting, etc. The EU is a growing supra-national institution. It’s an empire and it’s expansive.

The reason why leading states like Germany are still on the attack against Russia with a propaganda barrage, demands and threats, while willing to absorb damage to their own economies that might transpire, is that they want to eurocratize Ukraine (and Russia too if they can). They are willing to absorb short-term pain for the long-term gain of getting Ukraine and other such states to orbit around Europe in the EU solar system. The EU has allies in Washington and vice versa.

The moment that Yanukovych scuttled the Association Agreement, the EU and Washington took out their long knives and gave their support to revolutionary groups and a coup d’etat so as to replace him with their puppet, Yatsenyuk.

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12:06 pm on May 10, 2014