Will Californians Prove That You Can Vote Your Way Into Socialism, But You Must Shoot Your Way Out?

Oh, isn’t this cute! The Dims pretend that they won’t meddle with Californiastan’s recall election of Gruesome Nuisance, that it will be fair and open and they won’t stuff ballots, as they did during the presidential one last November. To further this deception, they even awakened His Senility for “a final push” on behalf of “Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.”

Hint to the Marxists: for your charade to succeed, order your propagandists to cool it with such obvious and outrageous whoppers as, “Speaking to hundreds of cheering supporters …, Biden…” (this from the snoozer whose campaign rallies bombed at the height of his popularity, such as it was, let alone now). Then there’s this gem of a confession, “Newsom’s ouster would be a stunning rebuke in heavily Democratic California, where the party controls every statewide office, dominates the Legislature and congressional delegation and holds a nearly 2-to-1 advantage in registered voters. Less than three years ago he was elected in a landslide.”

If anyone thinks the Dims will suddenly repent of their usual crimes when so much lies at stake, well, see me about a bridge in Brooklyn that’s an absolute steal this week only.

Unless, of course, they’re setting up Uncle Joe for removal with yet another failure. Throwing Nuisance under the bus may be a small price to pay for installing Giggling Kamala in the White House.


11:02 am on September 14, 2021

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