Wicked Witch Pelosi is Confident . . .

. . . that she will remain speaker of the House after the November elections.  Why wouldn’t she be?  Brandon gave that creepy, Gestapo-ish speech denouncing Republicans as threats to human civilization itself, complete with Marines in the blood-red background, a clear threat of violence to his political opponents.  He sent FBI goons to ransack the home of his party’s main political opponent, who they will probably indict on some trumped-up B.S.  They subpoenaed dozens of Trump associates, including his personal lawyers, accusing them of the “crime” of questioning the 2020 election results, something Democrats have been routinely doing for decades.  Brandon sent more FBI goons to surround the “My Pillow” guy at a Hardee’s drive up and confiscated his cellphone.  His suspected “crime” is supporting Trump and sponsoring research and seminars on election fraud.  Cities and states governed by Demo-Bolsheviks are appointing twice as many Democrat election monitors as Republicans.

The message is clear:  If you think the 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  The November elections will be orders of magnitude more fraudulent, and if you question them you can be visited by the FBI, charged, and forced to bankrupt yourself in legal fees — or go to one of Brandon’s political prisoner gulags.

That’s why the Wicked Witch of San Francisco is so confident.


11:23 am on September 15, 2022