Why Would a Christian Family Ever Encourage Their Daughter to Join the Navy?

A Navy report says that sailors aboard a Navy submarine circulated sexually explicit lists that ranked female crew members and the sex acts they wanted to perform with them. “The 74-page investigative report reveals two lists — one with Yelplike star ratings on the women and another containing ‘lewd and sexist comments’ beside each woman’s name, according to Military.com.” The sub is the guided-missile USS Florida, which is the second sub to integrate female members. There were 32 women in the 173-person crew.

Why would a Christian family ever encourage their daughter to join the Navy when ships at sea are full of sex-hungry men just waiting to prey on them? How insane. But of course, how insane to claim to worship the Prince of Peace and then cheer the god of war when the U.S. bombs, invades, and occupies countries.


6:33 pm on May 20, 2019