Why License Plates Exist

So the State can sell us yet another item no one needs or wants and milk more money from us, not only in the intial fee but later in fines, of course. (The excuse that license plates help solve crimes is patently bogus. So rarely does that happen that a fascist organization actually awards a prize when it does). But license plates hand Leviathan another huge advantage, too: utter control of the serfs.

Mayor Mike “Nanny” Bloomberg has forced owners of gas stations to ration their product. And how does he accomplish that? Via those useless but expensive license plates: “Under rules in the city and [on Long Island], motorists with license plates ending in odd numbers or a letter or other character can buy gas or diesel on odd-numbered days. Those with plates ending in even numbers or the number zero can buy gas or diesel on even-numbered days.”

Naturally, cops are enforcing this decree: all the police-state’s dictates become an opportunity for its banditti to boss and shove the sheeple about. And what of the enterprising New Yorker who swaps license plates with his neighbor to circumvent Nanny’s tyranny? “The mayor warned … [that] the police can easily look at the registration sticker on the windshield [New York requires this display for easier ticketing, and the sheeple comply without complaint] and detect the trickery. ‘So, don’t try to be cute,’ he said.” Nanny loves his insult, which his subjects routinely and cravenly overlook.

Imagine: Amerikans would rather have inept, vainglorious cretins like Nanny dolling out scarce supplies than the impersonal, eminently fair market. But then, these dolts cooperated in re-electing a murderer, kidnapper and serial liar to another four years, too.


9:51 am on November 9, 2012