Why Have The Jesuits Changed Their Philosophy?

A Loyola Student of mine asks for my comments on his classroom presentation.

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Would you mind sending me your comments on my presentation?

Thanks, C

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Dear C:

The early Jesuits, along with the Dominicans, set up the political – economic School of Salamanca, a precursor to the Austrian School of economics. They were very free enterprise. For the Salamancans, including the Jesuits, the just price was the market price, the just rate of interest was the market rate of interest, they favored free trade, etc.

The modern Jesuits, with but a few exceptions, are 180 degrees different. Why?

Here’s one speculation:

Fleming, Chris, David Rigamer and Walter E. Block. 2012. “The Jesuits: from Markets to Marxism; from Property Protection to Social Progressivism” Romanian Economic and Business Review; Vol. 7, No. 2; pp. 7-22; http://www.rebe.rau.ro/RePEc/rau/journl/SU12/REBE-SU12-A1.pdf

Also of interest:

Morse, J. B. 2018. “Walter Block Sets Loyola Diversity Officer Straight on Jesuit Values.”http://thelibertariancatholic.com/walter-block-sets-loyola-diversity-officer-straight-on-jesuit-values/

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