Why ‘Environmentalists’ Are Called ‘Watermelons’

Because they’re green on the outside and red on the inside, of course.  This is not just a clever joke; it’s true with regard to the professional “environmentalists,” if not most of the rank and file.  All of their frauds and ruses, from acid rain to cellphone cancer  scares, to global cooling, global warming, the “ozone hole,” “climate change,” etc., have one common denominator:  They are used to make a case for a massive redistribution of worldwide wealth and central planning of the entire world’s economy.  Communism, in other words.

When I spent a year at Washington University in St. Louis twenty some years ago my old friend Murray Weidenbaum told me of a lunchtime encounter he had with another Wash-U. faculty member, Barry Commoner, who is one of the gurus and icons of the environmentalist movement.  If you look up Commoner’s books you will find that his arguments always came down to this:  All of our environmental problems will disappear if only we would adopt socialism.  Anyway, Murray once asked him the following at an informal lunch (paraphrasing from memory):  “You environmentalists are opposed to nuclear power, hydroelectric power, coal-fired power plants, natural gas, and all other forms of energy.  But energy is the lifeblood of capitalism.  Without energy our capitalist economy will be destroyed.”

According to Murray Weidenbaum, who was the Chairman of President Reagan’s Council of Economic advisers in 1981, Commoner just smiled and nodded approvingly.


8:07 am on December 7, 2009