Why Do Some Libertarian Atheists Get So Upset When You Mention Religion?

It happens every time I even mention religion in an article or blog post. Some libertarian atheists get so upset. Today I was referred to the work of the atheist George Smith, something I was already familiar with. For an introduction to Smith, here is a review of one of Smith’s books by the Mises Institute’s David Gordon.

And yes, I know that Murray Rothbard was an agnostic. I never met Rothbard, but have read everything he ever wrote and have friends that knew him well, including Ralph Raico. I can’t imagine Rothbard getting the least bit as upset as some libertarian atheists do when they read something about religion.

Why do I believe in God? Not because of any “proofs.” As a former teacher of theology, I am quite familiar with them. I simply believe in God because the Bible says he exists.

Although I am an Independent Baptist, I have friends and acquaintances who are libertarian atheists, libertarian agnostics, libertarian Catholics, libertarian Jews, and libertarian Protestants. I have gotten many e-mails from the first two groups that say that they like and respect my Christian libertarian viewpoint. I have never one time written an atheist or agnostic and complained about his religious viewpoint. It doesn’t upset me in the least.

Update: An atheist reader (SW) makes a distinction between atheists and antitheists, who, he says, give atheists a bad name.

Update: Several cheerful atheists have e-mailed me to wish me a Merry Christmas.


2:09 pm on December 26, 2013