Why Bob Woodward Says Trump is “Crazy”

Journalist Mark Steyn has an advance copy of the new Bob Woodward book on the allegedly “crazy” Trump White House, the new theme of the deep state, which dreams of using the 25th Amendment to get rid of Trump and replace him with another Clinton/Bush/Obama-style puppet of theirs.  Appearing on FOX News last night, Steyn read a passage from Woodward’s book to illustrate the author’s “evidence” of Trump’s alleged mental imbalance.  In a meeting with all of his top military generals, Woodward writes, Trump walked in and said (paraphrasing):  “So, when are we going to start winning some of these wars we’re involved in.”

That’s the “evidence” that Bob Woodward, longtime employee of the CIA-front Washington Post, has of Trump’s alleged insanity: questioning the decades-long abysmal failures of the military/industrial/spying/deep state complex.  How is this different from how the Soviets accused critics of socialism of being mentally ill, and sending them off to “mental institutions”?


9:38 am on September 7, 2018