• Why are the Progressives Shocked, SHOCKED?!?

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    I think Christopher’s post is quite appropriate, but I think something needs to be said here about the “shocked” response of the Huffington Post “progressives.” Three of the “great” presidents worshiped by these same progressives, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR did exactly the same things that these “progressives” now condemn when the Bush administration suppressed free speech.

    This is quite typical of “progressives,” who are in constant worship of the state. Does anyone really think that Obama is going to be any different? People who publicly criticize this regime are called racists, and we have seen the Obamites making sure that any opposition is squelched, or at least attacked.By the way, what are the “progressives” going to say when the Obama administration starts conscripting young people for “public service”? I suspect that the Huffington Post will resound with Great Praise for Our Maximum Leader when that happens — and it will happen.


    9:47 am on March 3, 2009
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