Who Is the World’s Most Brutal Enemy?

“Exposing ISIS, America’s Most Brutal Enemy” reads the subject line in the e-mail I recently received from Regnery Publishing about its newest book. The book is called ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam. The Regnery e-mail includes endorsements for the book from three conservative warmongers: Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, and Newt Gingrich.

There is no doubt that ISIS is brutal, but it is certainly not the enemy of the world or the United States. On the other hand, there is a country that the entire world needs to look out for because of its reckless, belligerent, and meddling foreign policy and its empire of troops and bases that encircles the globe. Its initials are U.S.A. in case you didn’t know.

Regnery does publish some books worth reading, like Brion McClanahan‘s The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to The Founding Fathers, and The Founding Fathers’ Guide to the Constitution, but the publisher can’t be trusted when it comes to any book about war, national security, terrorism, or the military.


12:57 pm on March 12, 2015