• Who Is Responsible for the Push Toward US Non-Interventionism?

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    The Canadian MacLeans Magazine (equivalent to Time or Newsweek in the U.S.) ran a long 4-page article entitled “End of the U.S. empire? After years of foreign wars and interventions, a new mood of isolationism is sweeping America.” In it the author attempts to pinpoint who is responsible for this “new mood of isolationism” even among Republicans. She mentions numerous people: Greg Salts (don’t ask), Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, Ann Coulter, Peter Feaver, Grover Norquist, Pat Buchanan, Sarah Palin, Steve Clemons, Hillary Clinton (don’t ask), Mackenzie Eaglen, Robert Gates, Mac Destler; the list goes on and on. The author of this despicable piece even mentions “libertarians” in passing.

    Note any missing name? The man who has done more than anyone else on the planet to end US imperialism? No? I’ll give you a hint: He just gave up his seat in Congress. Still don’t get it? OK, OK, you dummies, I’ll give you another hint: He represented the 14th district of Texas for decades and is a medical doctor. Still haven’t got it? But, you’re dying to know? OK, stop your whining, I’ll tell you: It is Ron Paul. The author of this disgraceful journalistic effort is Luiza Ch. Savage. I wonder where she went to journalism school? Probably, to a very prestigious one.


    3:34 pm on December 23, 2012