Where’s Ron Paul’s Presidential Medal of Freedom?

In 2002, Norman Podhoretz, a leading neoconservative, lavished praise on Bush’s doctrine of preemptive wars of aggression, and he had nothing but praise for Bush’s doctrine of a war on terror. Podhoretz praised Bush’s absolutism in morally condemning terror and states like North Korea, Iran and Iraq. In 2004, Bush repaid Podhoretz. Bush awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Norman Podhoretz.

This award to Podhoretz mocks freedom as do a number of other such awards. Conspicuously missing from the list of recipients is Ron Paul, a man who richly deserves an award for tirelessly and courageously standing up for freedom, even when he stood virtually alone on any number of issues.

For decades, Ron Paul has articulated the case for freedom. Why has no president seen fit to recognize his role in American history? They have not wanted to place a stamp of approval on his pro-freedom and pro-market views. One and all, they disapprove of limited government. In their hands, the Presidential Medal of Freedom becomes a tool to further the State.


11:17 am on May 4, 2018