Where Will Arizona Voters Find Another . . .

. . . lifelong deep-state hack to send to the U.S. Senate whose father and grandfather were paid killers for the state (Navy admirals); who began his “career” mass murdering “gooks,” as he called Vietnamese people, who he murdered by the thousands by dropping bombs on their cities from ten miles up; who was declared a “hero” because he got shot down and captured; who would spend the next forty years as a tool of the military/industrial complex/deep state in the Congress promoting bombing and killing in dozens of other countries which, like his mass murdering of Vietnamese people, never had anything whatsoever to do with defending his country of defending freedom in the U.S. or anywhere else?  In fact, he did the opposite since militarism begets statism of the worst sort, which of course John “Mussolini” McCain was all in favor of, including the massive unconstitutional spying on American citizens and much worse.  War is the health of the state, and there has been no bigger warmonger in American politics during at least the last half century.

Where will Arizonans find another “conservative” like this?  And what, exactly, did McCain “conserve” that is worth conserving?  The Cold War?  The senseless death of thousands of young American soldiers who were duped into believing they were “fighting” for a worthy cause?  The bloated and immoral profits of defense contractors? (Bingo!).

Did he die with  net worth in the tens or hundreds of millions like so many other lifelong “public servants” in Washington? (According to a ten-year-old CBS News article on the internet, the McCains were spending over $270,000/ per year on “household employees” ten years ago).


8:24 pm on August 26, 2018