When the US Invaded Russia

Today, in what the great Gore Vidal called “the United States of Amnesia,” with all the frenetically hostile rhetoric and hysterical bombast concerning the recent Trump-Putin Summit, not many persons (especially these ill-informed belligerent critics) know about the history of when the United States invaded Russia. These are facts seared in the memory of the Russian people. Watch this episode of the excellent PBS series, The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, a KCET/BBC co-operation in association with the Imperial War Museum, 1996, as it describes the aftermath of World War I. Pay particular attention to the segment, “Intervention,” (beginning at 15:00), which describes the US invasion of Russia, as told through the eyes of an American soldier, Sergeant Silver Parrish.


1:55 pm on July 20, 2018