What’s the Libertarian Position on Dealing With Aliens?

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We are both fans of the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

Imagine the alien and his robot coming to Earth today. What would the alien say? What would the law enforcement robot do?

What would you do as an alien if;

A: You wanted the human race to succeed and prosper?

B: You wanted the human race to die and become extinct?

And as that alien you had the power to determine either outcome?

I reckon it is the devil and the angel in us that are fighting. We all know this battle very well in our own everyday lives.



You know the Star Trek dogma that they can’t interfere in an alien civilization that they meet. It sounds like a Libertarian principle.

If an alien civilization came to Earth that was more developed than the one we humans have. Say, six weeks more advanced (that is an old Bob Newhart joke);

Would the alien civilization be breaking the NAP by giving or withholding its tech and teachings from us?

Does the NAP apply to aliens?



PSS; Sorry about Drew Brees’ hand injury.

Dear T:

Yes, the NAP applies to aliens. Murray Rothbard published, somewhere, to the effect that if the aliens are peaceful, and rational, we owe them not to violate their rights, and vice versa. That is, we should not violate the rights of less developed aliens (they are not animals; animals have no rights; rather, these aliens can respect rights, but are not as well developed as we are). Similarly, if superior aliens, more developed than we are, come to earth, they are obligated, by libertarian theory, not to violate our rights, even though they could do so, easily.

Stat Trek says we shouldn’t interfere with alien civilizations, but, I don’t think that’s the proper libertarian position. Suppose A sees two strangers, B and C. The former is raping the latter. I don’t see why A should be precluded from “interfering” and bopping B over the head with a baseball bat. Well, if earthling A may do so, he may do so even if both B and C are aliens.

Libertarianism, based on negative rights and the NAP, does not require anyone to give anyone else “its tech and teachings.” That would be a positive obligation, abjured by libertarian theory.

Poor Drew. But the Saints seem to be doing well without him.

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