Whatever Happened to All Those “Fact Checkers”?

Hillary Clinton and the Demo-Bolshevik party created a slew of “fact checkers” online to basically claim that anything their political opponents said was either a lie or unsubstantiated.  I had undergraduate students whose Leftist professors actually told them to log on to one of Hillary’s scams, “,” whenever sitting in a class taught by any non-Leftist professor like myself.

But, alas, they are all silent now, so when senile, prune-faced, Brainless Brandon drools out tripe like “the border is secure” and “Fentanyl use in America is way down,” no one seems to challenge it except for Tucker Carlson.  It was always a good rule of thumb to assume that whatever “” said was the opposite of the truth.


11:49 am on March 14, 2023