What You Get When You Cross the Lunacy of COVID With the Idiocy of Commercial Aviation

Tim is a private pilot who has also worked as an aircraft mechanic; obviously, he’s been “quite interested in aviation for much of my life. …I had been attracted to it by a naive romanticizing of aviation as a sort of realm of freedom,” but he “slowly realized how wrong I had been…”

At any rate, a story about “flights to nowhere,” i.e., “air travel that takes place purely for the purpose of the journey, not the destination” outraged this expert in the industry.

Seems the police state that Australia inflicts on its citizens to save them from the flu has instead infected them with cabin fever. And a virulent form of it, too: Aussies will pay—a lot—to board an aircraft, even if all it does is circle aimlessly since Their Rulers have banned all arrivals onto or departures from their continent.

…amid global restrictions, travelers have been daydreaming not only about far-flung destinations, but the flying experience itself — from the thrill of the take-off to the unmatched views of the Earth from the cabin window.

Not to mention the excitement of sexual assault before those thrills and views. Tim excoriates this “terrifying stupidity, that apparently hundreds of Australians miss being porno scanned and groped so much that they are willing to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars and waste a day just so that they can be treated to it again.”

Hey, Americans would doubtless sink even lower were Our Rulers abusing us as horrifically as Australians’ are them. Much of American “lockdown” was voluntary (which in some ways is even more debilitating); many of us traveled freely despite Our Rulers’ “suggestions” that we stay home.

But Aussies who disobey official “advice” find themselves arrested. In their PJs, no less.

Tim continues:

[The eagerness to be irradiated and manhandled] is a level of obsequiousness that is difficult to comprehend even in a year packed full of it and even for me, a guy who long ago learned to expect it out of humanity (and thus why I frankly haven’t been surprised by all that much this year). I have never been to Australia and witnessed their security first hand but …[ there’s no] doubt about their security theater being as bad as ours

I do have to point out though what I find a hilarious beginning to that government page in light of the nation having been shut down for 6 months: “An efficient, safe, and secure aviation system is integral to Australia’s social and economic well-being.” The Australian government is obviously admitting that it doesn’t actually care about the “social and economic well-being” of their nation since they shut down all flights in and out of the country and even stranded their own citizens abroad for 6 months unable to get home.

Yet those same citizens passively, even loyally, watch as the politicians and bureaucrats who barred them from their homes persecute dissidents. Why?

Meanwhile, the

sightseeing flight to nowhere offered by Qantas sold out within 10 minutes, according to the airline, with passengers eager to take to the skies at at [sic] time when Australia has grounded almost all international flights paying premium prices.

“It’s probably the fastest selling flight in Qantas history,” the airline’s CEO, Alan Joyce, said …”People clearly miss travel and the experience of flying. If the demand is there, we’ll definitely look at doing more of these scenic flights while we all wait for borders to open.”

The seven-hour scenic flight will perform a giant loop taking in Queensland and the Gold Coast, New South Wales and the country’s remote outback heartlands. …

Special onboard entertainment is promised too, including a surprise celebrity host.

I should hope so.

Flight QF787, due to depart Sydney Domestic Airport on October 10 and return to the Australian metropolis seven hours later, had 134 tickets on sale — spanning business class, premium economy and economy and costing from AUD$787 to $3,787 (US$566 to $2,734).

The plandemic is largely a Marxist production. Yet Qantas’ silliness slaughters the Left’s sacred cow of environmentalism, as Tim explains:

For the environmental impact, that flight will be worse than any normal 7 hour airline flight because jet engines are not efficient at low altitudes and so a flight conducted with a number of passes at low altitude will burn significantly more fuel than it would at a normal cruising altitude of about 35,000 feet.  Also, climbing in a jetliner is always a time of high fuel usage due to increased power demands and it sounds like this flight will climb multiple times during that flight.  My vague understanding of the flightplan for this “flight to nowhere” is basically one designed to make air travel as polluting and damaging to the environment as possible. …

I wanted to use the term “sheep” a few times [here], l but I feel like it would very cruelly and unfairly malign the interesting, tasty, nutritious, and generous (their wool is such a boon to humanity) ruminant of the same name…

Just as calling Australia’s government—or ours—one of “wolves” cruelly and unfairly maligns those magnificent canines.


7:59 am on September 22, 2020