What You Don’t Know Can Really, Really Hurt You

…a woman politely ask[ed] a pharmacist to see the information insert that comes with the Moderna vaccine, only for the pharmacist to discover that they are entirely blank.

Usually, a box of any medicine shipped to a pharmacy has a large safety data sheet printed on thin paper and compressed into a small bundle. The Moderna vaccine shipments have the paper, but they have been left blank. …

The woman then says:

“So, if we don’t know what we’re injecting into ourselves, I don’t understand how that’s informed consent.”

The pharmacist, to his credit, answers honestly:

“You’re exactly right and you are correct. I should not be giving these vaccines at all.”

Someone captured this exchange on video, too, which has “gone viral,” so to speak.

Will this amusing story change the minds of the COVIDiots? Probably not: as cultists, they’re immune to logic. But we can enjoy a good laugh at their expense, thanks to Bill Martin’s sending me this story!


3:33 pm on December 27, 2021