What Would A President Ron Paul Have Done Upon Taking Office And In What Order?

From: Josh Steimle

Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 2:24 PM

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Hi Walter, I’m enjoying Tom’s podcasts this week with you. Your book “Defending…” was what truly converted me to libertarianism.

I’ve got a quick question for you–What’s your top thing a libertarian minded potus could do, unilaterally, to effect positive change? Whether politically feasible or not? That is, if somehow Ron Paul had been elected, what could he have done within the limits of his own principles and the law to make the biggest impact possible?


– Josh Steimle

Dear Josh:

Thanks for your kind words. I’m a BIG fan of Tom Woods’.

I think the first thing Ron would have done upon taking up the office of POTUS would have been to withdraw all US troops, ALL of them, from foreign lands.

I think the second thing he would have done would have been to issue pardons for all prisoners, ALL of them, found guilty of victimless crimes such as for drugs, prostitution, gambling, all capitalist acts between consenting adults, in the lovely words of Bob Nozick.

I think then and only then would he have put his efforts into radically reducing taxes, ending the Fed, decreasing regulations, getting rid of several of the departments, draining the swamp, engaging in full free trade on a unilateral basis, etc.

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