What Happened at Charlie Hebdo?

I heard Rush Limbaugh a little yesterday and some other radio people, and it seems their conclusion is that relaxed immigration policies mainly contributed to the Charlie Hebdo murders in France. Immigration? Jeepers, these so-called conservative people are obsessed with immigration and locking out foreigners. They really believe that terrorism could’ve been prevented had France cracked down on locking out more Middle-Eastern Muslims. But so far I haven’t heard or read what the real cause of 12 murders at Charlie Hebdo was: Gun control. Only The Donald — of all people! — brought the subject up so far, and he’s being called a “moron” for doing so. (Yes, he’s a moron and an ignoramus, but for other reasons, of course.) It isn’t just the French or EU governments’ banning of firearms possessions, it’s the attitude of defenselessness which progressives have spread all over Europe and have been increasingly imposing on Americans. Europeans have also had their will to defend themselves suppressed by the U.S. Regime in its usurpation of their defense systems, really forcing them to have become totally dependent like babies on the U.S. government (and STATO NATO) as their primary source of defense. And this national and international European defenselessness and helplessness reaches down to the smaller groups and individuals. What needs to be done is the dismantling of such U.S. security provision of Europeans, and the true solution is the honest solution that comes from capitalism: private ownership of the means of production in self-defense must be restored on all levels, with private individuals and private groups, and on an international scale.


8:15 am on January 8, 2015