“What Are We to Say of a Nation . . .

. . . which lives under the perpetual illusion that it is about to be attacked?”  And which has an “insatiable love of territorial aggrandizement” and believes in “the insolence of our might, and without waiting for the assaults of envious enemies [has] sallied forth in search of conquest or rapine, and carried bloodshed into every quarter of the globe.”

What I would say is that that nation’s foreign policy is obviously controlled by neocons.  These quotes, however, are by the great British liberal (in the classical, libertarian sense) Richard Cobden, criticizing the aggressive militarism of the British empire, the “neocons” of his nineteenth-century day.  (The Political Writings of Richard Cobden, New York: Garland, 1973, vol, I, p. 238).


2:48 pm on January 23, 2020

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