We’re Winning!

About 50 parents gathered outside Lake High School Monday morning, applauding and cheering students who walked into school without wearing masks.

First proof of our impending victory: parents nationwide are rebelling against the evil of masks and COVIDCon’s other wickedness.

Second clue that we’re winning: this bit of propaganda disguised as news appeared in a member of the USAToday—read: Communist Manifesto—network. Why do I call this report “propaganda”? Here’s a sample of the editorializing that appears throughout:

Janice Colcombe arrived in a van bearing an American flag with the phrase “I cant breath” and a mask painted at the end. Breathe was misspelled and the apostrophe was missing from can’t.

Touching, commies’ concern for a dissident’s grammar. But before they cast stones, perhaps they should inspect their own glass house: “Breathe” needs quotes to denote its citation as an example, and a comma should appear after “misspelled,” separating the two clauses.

But I digress. Third and most exhilarating confirmation of our triumph:

Our ancestors stood up so we could have those freedoms and make our choices,” said Seth Coblentz, who has four children in Lake Local Schools. “It’s not just about the masks, it’s about what’s next. We have rights and the ability to stand up for them. This has way more to do with our fallen rights and freedom.” …

The woman identified as the organizer of the protest … [said] “I feel that the school has no right to tell parents how to raise their children … They’re taking the choice (of wearing a mask) away from the parents.” …

Another protester … said, “They’re breaking the Constitution by making (students) do that.”

As she spoke, high school junior Connor Ault walked up to his father John Ault who was wearing a shirt reading “Lions not sheep” and pulled a pocket edition of the U.S. Constitution from his book bag.

Here are ordinary folks in the Midwest advancing principled and cogent arguments based on liberty! Did we see them protesting the myriad desecrations of our rights prior to COVIDiocy? Nope. But over the last eighteen months, the Marxists have offered a crash course in freedom’s priceless value!

Like the TSA, COVIDCon has recruited more Americans to freedom than any phenomenon since the Ron Paul Revolution. Rejoice, for our redemption draweth nigh!


9:22 am on September 29, 2021

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