We’re Winning! Part I

There’s nothing inherently funny about this article, but I laughed all the way through: the “travel editor” at CBS News inadvertently proves once again Leviathan’s total incompetence by comparing the TSA’s ballyhooed “PreCheck” with another such program, “Global Entry” from US Customs and Border Predators-sorry, Protection. Don’t bother with PreCheck and its unreliable “benefits,” he advises; rather, pay another 15 bucks for the superior certainty of Global Entry. The latter automatically includes PreCheck anyway.

Trust the Marxist State to spurn consistent pricing and even common sense!

The piece begins taking swipes at the Feds in its lede — and this from the government’s own house-organ, CBS: “…the most aggravating parts of the airport experience involve security, whether you’re dealing with the Transportation Security Administration or Customs and Border Protection. But what if you could pay to avoid the hassle? The government is offering that option (or what some people are referring to as buying back your basic rights).” And others call it extortion.

Whatever, that egg on Leviathan’s face lately comes from its friends as often as it does from us foes!


10:36 am on September 20, 2013